Our Team

David Karvwnaris, Owner and Operator

David has over 19 years of experience in Shotcrete, Equipment repair, Parts Manufacturing and Fabrication and is passionate about exceeding your expectations. He is also a veteran of both the US Navy and the USAF, and his family continues to Serve our country in the USAF. David started out as a customer of RW McNair in 2001 while working as a shotcrete and concrete pumper in the Northwest region of the US. After relocating to Alabama in 2005 and being fortunate enough to work and learn under Ray’s mentorship, they developed a near family relationship over the years.

Alice Bonnell, Owner and Office Manager

Alice’s job includes “other duties as assigned” which have nothing to do with the degrees on the wall, although the 8 years of teaching young children how to read and get 4 when adding 2 and 2 comes in handy. She is also an Army spouse of 23 years.

“I use my southern charm when I can, and my redhead temper when I must.”

Troy Ahmann, Sales and Marketing Director

Troy is the typical sales hack …..

Simon Kane, IT guy and all-squared away dude with a plan

Simon has over 40 years experience in what is now called Information Technology.
He has an extensive background in Business Systems, Process Control, and Customer Support.
He also served his community for 20 years as a Firefighter/EMT before retiring as District Chief.